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There is a lot of elements of your Noah’s Ark story people problems believing, or no less comprehending. How could every the animals fit into the Ark? Where did all the water be derived from? How was it possible to re-populate green after the flood? Could a ship the size of the Ark really become of wood and still be seaworthy? All very good questions, as well as the result is a mixture of beliefs concerning Noah as well as the Ark.

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Who built the Ark? Would the ship happen to seaworthy? Could all the animals have fit on the Ark? How could they have feed all the animals in journey? Where did all of the water originated from? How would the small number of people throughout the Ark repopulate the world? Could a ship the sized the Ark really be produced of wood floor? Answer each of these questions and an individual come some way in determining if Noah’s Ark was nothing regarding green teaching tool, or a physical historical event.

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